Christmas time is here!

Friday, December 25, 2015

I love Christmas. I know it's becoming very commercialized and travel gets very expensive... But I still love it in my own ways.

Having moved around quite a bit and never lived in the same states as our families, we have always been traveling around Christmas time so we can see both Justin's and my family. But with the new house finished this year, we demanded decided to have Christmas at our house!

One of the most exciting things about Christmas is decorating. Raised by a crafty and creative mom in a faraway (subtropical) land, one of the best memories growing up was making our own Christmas tree. It has become a tradition of ours until we started in college, when the weeks before Christmas time were completely taken up by the insane amount of studying to prepare for the finals.

Getting to create our own family traditions now, Justin and I decided to go for the biggest fresh cut we can get--but I also want to keep the DIY tradition by making my own ornaments. So I picked up boxes and boxes or clear glass ornaments of various sizes, and got to work!

I was having a lot of fun creating each one of them different, but after many days and nights of ornament making, I was glad that we only have half of a 10' tree to decorate... (Please ignore the exposed OSB wall in the background. This is another project on our list to complete before next Christmas!)

(We feel that the tree topper deserves its own close-up shot!)

Christmas decorating isn't done until all the stockings are on the mantel...

Some warm glow and the fire...

And gifts under the tree...

The doggies are just as enthusiastic about Christmas as I am!

Christmas decorating is a family affair. My mom made these Anthropologie-inspired pillows with the Christmas theme to add a pop of color to our otherwise neutral living room.

She also created the center piece for our Christmas table setting.

My dad also put his new-found carpentry skills to use and helped us create a cedar Parsons dining set so we can seat more people.

Even though I get the credit for putting the finishing touches together, I know I couldn't have such a dreamy first Christmas at our house without the family's support! Our dinner table came out amazing!

To top off all the awesomeness, Chef Justin made this amazing prime rib roast for our Christmas Eve dinner...

On the day of Christmas... Since Beau Beau and Peanut are the only little ones in this family, they get all the gifts! Lucky dogs!

We hope you're enjoying this holiday season as much as we are! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everyone!


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